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Mexican Corn Products – Los Cantores Tasty Flavourful Recipes uses Fresh & 100% Natural Ingredients. And, perfectly paired with the right Tortilla Chips.

Los Cantores Tortilla Chips are Full of Flavour and are delicious by themselves! However, as Tortilla Chip Connoisseurs, it is our responsibility to provide you the Best Homemade Nachos, Salsa & Dip Recipes Ever! From the perfect stack of Cheesy Nachos to the Tastiest Pico De Gallo that will make your mouth water.


Homemade Nachos, Salsa and Dip Recipes

Los Cantores Recipe Corner Guacamole Recipe
Los Cantores Recipe Corner Pico De Gallo Recipe
Salsa “Pico de Gallo”
Los Cantores Recipe Corner Fruit Salad Dip
Fruit Salad
Los Cantores Recipe Corner NoPalas Cactus Salad
"NoPalas" Cactus Salad
Los Cantores Recipe Corner Chilaquiles Tapatios
Chilaquiles Tapatios
Los Cantores Recipe Corner Queso Jalepeno Dip
Queso Jalepeño Dip
CTV Morning Interview with Los Cantores Tortilla Chip and Dip Recipes
CTV Morning Live Features: Los Cantores Tortilla Chips and Homemade Recipes
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