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Authentic Mexican Taste.

From our grandmother's MEXICAN recipe to your table, our family values tradition.
OUR TORTILLA CHIPS ARE MADE WITH 100% natural ingredients.

One bite and your taste buds will sing.


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Mexican Corn Products have been making authentic tortilla chips inspired by traditional tortillas, a staple of Mexican cuisine for generations. Our dedication to authenticity is realized through a family recipe and is what makes our Tortilla Chips the best on the market.


The Founders, the Godinez-Luna Family, come from Tamazula, a pre-Hispanic town nestled in the south of Jalisco state, Mexico. Often considered the birthplace of many things Mexican, the region is famous for its folklore, music, tequila and mouth-watering Mexican cuisine!


It was in this ancient city that one of our ancestors, Grandma Carmen, or “Doña Carmen” as she was called, came to master the Mexican culinary arts. From her kitchen in “Rancho Los Cantores,” she prepared traditional dishes from past generations and inspired the next generation to continue with tradition, with a focus on using natural ingredients.


After immigrating to Canada in 2001, the Godinez-Luna Family saw the need for authentic Mexican Tortilla Corn Chips in their new home. We are an authentic local tortilla chip producer and make flavourful traditional tortilla chips. We private label, wholesale and distribute our own brand called Los Cantores.


Over the years, Los Cantores has launched 6 different flavours in Canada and the USA, using only natural ingredients, no artificial flavours and no preservatives while also ensuring their tortilla chips are Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and Certified Kosher.


It is an honor and privilege to bring the taste of authentic Mexican flavours in these tortilla chips from our family to yours with every bite.



Gabriela Godinez-Laverty graduated from Dentistry in 1998 in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2001, she married a Canadian Army Officer and  immigrated to Canada. Unable to practice dentistry, she opened a home-based small business “Mex-Reflex” of home decoration accessories imported from Mexico. Even though this first company disappeared within a year, it gave Gabriela a taste for business.

In 2002, she enrolled in a short course on entrepreneurship at a local school and discovered her passion for business.

On April 2004, she and her husband founded Mexican Corn Products, Inc.  In May, 2004 her Father and her brother joined her in Canada to start operations.

Since then, Gabriela and her team have developed six different flavours of tortilla chips. MCP brand “Los Cantores” can be found at many of the independent grocers around Ontario and Quebec.

José Godinez Del Toro is the Chairman of the Board and a co-founder of Mexican Corn Products.

A life-long entrepreneur, José has owned and operated over a dozen businesses. His experience provides the company with sound judgement and guidance.

José is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad de Guadalajera, and has expertise in process design and recipe formulation at industrial scale.

A co-founder of Mexican Corn Products, Pepé Godinez Luna is responsible for plant operations.

His role includes the development of complex manufacturing solutions that encompass new processes and equipment, allowing the company to produce high-quality food products.

Pepé is a graduate in Electromechanical Engineering from the Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajera.


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