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Welcome to Mexican Corn Products Tortilla Chip Company. We are Locally Baked ?? and Family Owned.
We Wholesale and Private Label Authentic Tortilla Chips, Direct to Retail and Restaurants in Canada and USA.

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Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chips Made In Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen by Laura Robin

What: Farm Boy’s blue corn tortilla chips.

Why: These are exceptionally great corn chips: toasty-tasting, crispy, lightly salted and made with non-genetically modified organic blue corn. And here’s the surprise: they’re made by a gourmet corn chip company whose products are sold in some of Toronto’s and Montreal’s finest food shops, but which is based in a nondescript industrial park in Ottawa.

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Mexican Tortilla Chip Mastery

Canadian Business Journal

Mexican Tortilla Chips 

It is the quintessential Mexican snack; a crispy corn tortilla chip snack, topped with a dash of spicy salsa. Canadian consumers love their Mexican food, and in particular snack products. But did you know that the most popular Mexican flavours—aren’t really Mexican? The Tex-Mex influence on the corn chip market has shifted our perception of Mexican flavour in North America. Authentic Mexican taste is the primary focus of Mexican Corn Products Inc., a Canadian company offering truly Mexican flavour on its high quality corn chips. This family owned and operated business produces uniquely Mexican products for the Canadian snack food marketplace. Vice president Gabriela Laverty spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about how her family’s company came to be, and what is cooking for the future.

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